Friday, November 26, 2010

Cosmetic Supplies "Garage" Sale

I am trying to reduce my stock of supplies that I have decided not to use.  You can get some great discounts this way.  Please check out what I have for sale and send me an email at if you would like to purchase anything.  I will only take paypal, but feel free to make me an offer if you want multiple items.

Melt & Pour Bases
Melt & Pour Vegan Lip Balm 14.5 fl oz Essential Wholesale $20
Melt & Pour Deodorant  14.5 fl oz Essential Wholesale $20

Fragrance oils
Caramel Apple 14 oz From Nature with Love  $20
Succulent Pear ~6 oz The Soap Goat Soap Shop $6.00
Cinnamon Cider (candle only) ~15 oz Tennessee Candle Supplies $10.00
China Rain 0.5 oz Bramble berry $1
Sakura Blossom  1oz Southern Soapers  $2
Fresh Watermelon  4 oz  Wholesale Supplies Plus $7.00
Cantaloupe Lily 1 oz Southern Soapers $2
Cucumber melon 16 oz coop $16
Pumpkin Souffle (Candle Only) ~12 oz Candlescience  $10
Christmas Memories  ~6 oz Simple Soothings  $5
Pink Lemonade ~3 oz The Soap Goat Soap Shop $3.00

Fixed Oils
Rose Hip Oil 16 oz Majestic Mountain Sage $14
Borage Oil 16 oz Majestic Mountain Sage $24
Red Raspberry Seed Oil 16 oz Majestic Mountain Sage $45

LiquiPar Optima 1 oz Southern Soapers
Germall Plus Liquid 1 oz Southern Soapers
Sepigel 305 1 oz Southern Soapers
White Aluminum Oxide crystals 1 oz Southern Soapers
Pre Neutralized Carbomer 1 oz Southern Soapers
Whit Synscrub Spheres 1 oz Southern Soapers

Herbs prices $1 per oz
Lemon Peel powder 8oz
Mint Leaf cut 6oz
Raspberry Leaf 8oz

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Closeout Sale!

I am trying to clear out some inventory before the end of the year.  This is a great opportunity to get some holiday gifts or just stock up on soap for yourself.  I have 8 different types of soap listed in my closeout sale for $3.00 and will be adding more soon.  Check it out here.
One of the many soaps on closeout. Vanilla Chai Tea Soap 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Featured in an Etsy Treasury!

A yummie chocolate coffee cake themed treasury, go check it out an leave a comment.  Maybe it will make the homepage with your help! My chocolate espresso shea soap and the coffee kitchen scrub soap are included as party of this treasury.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ladybug Soapworks on AKYRAMOTO's Crafty side blog!

AKYRAMOTO's Crafty side blog recently posted about my lovely Tea Tree Shampoo and Body bar!  Head over there and read the rave review.  The look of this soap has changed to a regular rectangular soap, but that just means you get more soap for your money!  If you want to give this soap a try pick some up at or

Friday, March 26, 2010

King Arthur Flour!

Can you say yummie? That was the first thought that crossed my mind when I came upon the King Arthur Flour blog. Just check out some of these pictures! I think I need to start baking.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

As promised, more soap!

Here are the rest of the new soap pictures. I am sure I mention this a lot, but Dylan sure can take nice pictures of soap. Luckily all he "charges" me is for his regular shower/shampoo soap and the occasional shaving soap. Pretty good deal don't you think?

This first soap is my Sensitive skin bar. It is made with all kinds of oils that are great for sensitive skin. This bar feels so smooth in the shower, I just love to use it.

This soap hasn't actually changed in look, but we took some new photos anyways. This is Lavender Shea. It has a nice calming scent and smooth texture. If you look closely you can see the tops are brushed with a purple mica to give them some shimmer.

Up next is Jewelweed and Comfrey. It is made with olive oil infused with both of the herbs. Very nice bar of soap and these herbs are reputed for getting rid of the oils from a poison ivy bush.

This is my Jasmine Salt bar. Lovely scent and pretty color. The salt is a fine grain so it does not scratch. It makes a nice lotion-like lather.

Now to make some ginger souffle salt bars! Just need to decide how to make them look...any suggestions?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Soap Pictures!

Ok these are LONG overdue, but finally soap new pictures for you to drool over! Over the past year I changed the shape and design of many of my soaps. Finally some pictures to show you how they look. Enjoy!This one is my Ayurvedic Shampoo and Body bar. It has such a great later and an almost licorice scent (though it is scented with Basil and Lime essential oils).

This lovely is my Irish stout shampoo and body bar. It was made with Guinness which really helps to boost the lather.

This refreshing bar is Eucalyptus mint. It is a soothing and cooling soap. I love to use it on mornings that I just need a jump start to wake up.

This one is my Coffee Kitchen Scrub soap. It is chock full of coffee grounds which help to remove kitchen scents (think garlic and onion) from your hands. This is also a great soap to use after gardening or a mechanics soap.

This is our seasonal Apple Pie soap. Pick some up before they sell out! I LOVE this scent. The scent of apples and cinnamon just relax me.

Check back soon as I will be posting more eye candy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another Treasury!

I love how beautiful people can make these treasuries. Check out my Succulent pear soap in the bottom left. You can pick some of the soap up here.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


A lovely treasury on Etsy featured my Eucalyptus mint soap. Check out a picture of the treasury. I love the color!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tea tree shampoo

I just put a ton of tea tree shampoo in the oven to speed up the saponification process. It is one of my best selling soaps so I made a super large batch this time! This soap smells so good and I just love the way it makes my hair feel and shine after a shower.

I have a lot of new soap pictures that I will be posting here soon and then updating my websites. I finally convinced Dylan that I needed new pictures. I have changed the design of almost all my soaps over the past year and have been stuck using photos of the old designs. So expect a lot of soap porn in the coming days!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Geranium Rose Soap

I just put some Geranium Rose soap in the oven. It will be listed in my stores in a couple of weeks, just in time to pick some up for Valentines day!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Monoi de Tahiti Oil (Monoi Tiare oil)

I just ordered some Scented Monoi de Tahiti oil from Denise at Full Moon Herbs. This seems like a good deal. The best price I could find online was $27/lb and she is offering it for $19 or $21/lb depending on whether you want it scented or not. I thought some of you might like the info on this buy so here is the email I received from Denise:

I have pre-ordered 50# each of Monoi Tiare Oil. They will arrive the week of
January 25th. This an opportunity to place your order to receive the Monoi
first. I am stocking both the scented and unscented.
Monoi Oil is coconut oil infused w/ Tiare (Gardenia) flower petals. Both
types are Gardenia scented. The "scented" type, is a stonger infusion,
resulting in a stronger scent. Please e-mail w/ any orders you may have to Pricing is as follows:

Unscented Monoi: 1#/ $19.00 or 2#/ $37.00
Scented Monoi: 1#/$21.00 2#/ $41.00

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My book list from 2009

So here is my take off of Anne-Marie's recent blog post about her favorite books she read during 2009.

Running the Amazon This is a non-fiction book about the first kayaking trip to navigate the entire length of the amazon river. I am pretty much obsessed with anything amazon, so this was a great book for me.

The Lost Symbol The new Dan Brown book. I admit it, I love his books. I get so captivated that I read this one in about 2.5 consecutive days. I really like that I can sit near my laptop while reading his books and search the places and objects he talks about to learn more.

The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon
Another amazon book. This is the adventure of an early 20th century explorer who search the Amazon for a lost advanced civilization. He never returned. In this book, the author retraces Percy Fawcett's path through the amazon to either find out where Fawcett died or if there really is a lost city. This was a large book, but again very captivating so I read it quite fast.

One River Most people probably will not find this book that enjoyable. I, however, really enjoyed it. This book is almost a biography of Richard Evans Shultes and two of his students Wade Davis and Tim Plowman. If you are at all interested in ethnobotany you will like this book. It covers all the rainforest explorations of the three men and their discoveries of unknown plants (their specialty is hallucinogenic plants and the study of how the indigenous people use them in their religions).

This book made me dream of living in the fictional country of Ecotopia. This book details a world where California, Oregon, and Washington secede from the United States and form a country called Ecotopia. This is a good quick read for anyone interested in creating an environmentally responsible society.

Eat, Pray, and Love
I am currently reading this book and I really love it. It is such a good story of growth and finding oneself. I highly recommend this book.

Dreams from My Father This is one of President Obama's books. It is really well written and I am enjoying it, though I keep finding myself picking up other books to read. Thus, I have not finished this book even though I started reading it in 2008! Still for those who have not read this book, it is a great way to learn about the life of the President of the USA.

I also regularly read National Geographic Magazine and Martha Stewart's Living Magazine.

I hope some of you will also enjoy these books!

Laundry Soap!

I hope everyone had a great holiday and New year. I sure did! It was so great to see all my family and friends.

On the soaping front, I just put a ton of laundry soap in the oven. I am basically all out and it is one of my best selling items! I make my soap with a 50:50 blend of coconut and palm oil. I have also tried olive oil and palm and it worked well, too, but is more expensive to make.

Here I have 3 molds filled with my laundry soap. Next step...shredding all of that. Thank god for the Cuisinart!

I wanted to show a close up of some of my molds as well. I really like Upland molds. I have 2 slab molds now from them and the silicone mold makes removal so easy.
I also have this great mold from Silvermoon Molds. I don't use this one much since I have mostly switched over to slab molds, but this one also has a great silicone liner making soap removal so easy.
One of my other regular molds is a Kelsei slab mold that I use for salt bars since it has separators to make individual soaps that do not need to be cut. So what kind of mold is your favorite?