Tuesday, September 22, 2015

An Italian Adventure

We started off our vacation with a long day of travel. Our flight left JFK airport at 3pm and arrived in Milan Italy at 9:25am. This basically resulted in us pulling an all nighter as not much sleep was had on the flight. We found some very cheap flights to Italy on Meridiana, but they can with the caveat of not having many common amenities one would expect of a flight. For instance there was no air over the seats, just the reading light, and the seats were very narrow and very thin. Also, most international flights have personal entertainment systems/TVs at each seat, this flight however only had a couple old school TVs. 

We took a quick train ride from the airport into Milan and then the metro to our Airbnb apartment that we rented. The apartment was located on one of the few remaining canals in Milan. This road turned into party central at night and in the morning was covered with garbage and empty glasses. 

The apartment was incredibly adorable and was decked out in a Parisian style. It was a little two floored, two roomed apartment with a little iron spiral staircase connecting the two floors. 

We went out for some lunch while we waited for the apartment to be ready. The shop we ended up it had one of those pretty old wooden bars that are reminiscent of what I would expect an old school pharmacy/soda fountain bar would look like. We had some veggie sandwiches which turned out to be pretty decent. 

Finally, we were able to get into the apartment and wash that travel stink off of us! (Did I mention the plane had not air and it felt like 100F in there!) Yeah, we were really gross! Then we were off to explore the Leonardo di Vinci Museum of Science and technology. This museum was huge and has a lot of interesting exhibits. There was a section with models of the machines that Leonardo had sketched out and lots of other more modern machines and equipment. We saw sections on communication over the years, telegraph to phone, food production and cooking machines, a submarine, old boat, planes, energy machines, and much more. Then we walked a long way to the Duomo. It is a really impressive cathedral, it looked like it was made from pink marble. Unfortunately, we stopped to take a few pictures, and by the time we made it to the entrance they were closing it up and wouldn't let us in. 

By this time we were both feel really exhausted and decided to make our way back to the apartment, stopping for dinner on the long walk back. We found a nice place and sat outside. Dylan had a meh, as he would say, fish dish and I had a delicious linguini with lobster. 

After walking some more and we finally arrive back at the apartment. At this point I am feeling so sick from being tired, I basically collapsed in the bed and passed out for the night.


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