Friday, January 11, 2013

Cupcakes! Yumm...oh wait...this is soap!

I have been making some soap cupcakes as a special for Valentine's Day. I am preparing three different "flavors". They will be Dark Chocolate Raspberry (shown in this blog post), Coconut Lime, and Black Raspberry Vanilla. 

The cake part of these soaps is made with a dark chocolate fragrance and I darkened up the soap with a bit of cocoa powder. The frosting is scented with a sun ripened raspberry fragrance and the color is from a little bit of red clay. They are finished off with a touch of iridescent glitter to make sure that they sparkle.  I think that they really smell and look amazing! This was my first time piping soap and it was quite easy.  I think I may start making more of these! I have included a bunch of photos as I pipe on the last of the frosting. Enjoy!

Yum! Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake Soap

Check out my lab jacket in this one!

Finishing up the piping

Added a little sprinkle of glitter!


  1. Great job on the piping, they look fabulous!

  2. Thanks! This batch was quite easy. It has inspired me to use piping more in my soap making adventures!